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Welcome to ArcheAge Strawhats Pirates Guild


We will be posting news and announcements or any other topics about ArcheAge here. We will help each other out and we will do a lot of fun things in ArcheAge. Hopefully we will grow and find more friendly active players so that we can do great things like killing bosses or running dungeons!


Make sure to register with your in-game character name so we would know who you are!


Do not expect help from other guild members ALL THE TIME specially from the SAME PERSON as they could be busy doing things in ArcheAge or life outside ArcheAge, but we will try our best to help everyone out as much as we can. And we are not the only one who will be helping! Everyone has freedom to help each other out okay!?


You don't have to be shy to talk to everyone in the guild, because it will be difficult for us to help if we don't communicate as much. We're DO NOT have to act grown-ups all the time. Always have fun and have a laugh.


Either in game, Facebook page, or the guilds' web. I'm sure everyone here hates spams so let's try not to do it okay? Only talk about something that make sense, something about the game. We don't need to know what's happening on your neighborhood or something that will not concern us .


WE ARE A GUILD AFTER ALL! Do not scam other guild members, Do not take advantage of newbies in the guild. We always try to share things around. For example if we run a dungeon as a guild (Dungeon Guild Runs) ONLY ROLL FOR ITEMS THAT YOUR CLASS NEEDS! For example: We all know a wizard doesn't need plate armors primarily so Pass on the roll system. Also other items like the mount items, if you already have the part be sure to pass so others will have a chance to get items. We are a guild and we will want everyone to have good items as possible.


Of course one of the most important thing is to respect each other in the guild. Be sure to tell the Officials when someone in the guild is disrespecting others.


Yeah that's the most important part. Have Fun!


All news and announcements such as new patches, events, videos, etc. will be posted at the forum page. So be sure to check them sometimes.


Official Site:

Facebook Group Page:

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